Ministry of Health: High-end prosthetic implants are shipped to Belarus

High-end prosthetic implants are being shipped to Belarus. According to minister,
medical industry plants — from private to state-owned — are tasked with producing
joints with the quality that the present time and patients demand. Endoprosthetics
joints are one of the high-tech and expensive types of medical care. Social
standards in Belarus allow for the regulation of the amount of these operations
each year without any fees.

Academfarm is working on the registration of a cancer vaccine in Belarus

The company cooperates with a number of certain foreign colleagues, including
those from Cuba. The Belarussian enterprise “Academfarm”, together with its
partners, is working on a production of vaccines, more specifically; a vaccine
against lung cancer is being registrated. At this moment of time, its registration in
Belarus is currently under preparation.

Near 135 thousand foreigners were treated in Belarus in 2024

According to Ministry of Health, citizens of Austria, Belgium, Montenegro, the
USA, Israel and many other countries took an interest in Belarusian medical
More than 134 thousand foreigners were treated in health care organizations in
Belarus in 2023. Last year, the number of those countries was 149. The most
popular choice included cardiology, oncology, neurology, neurosurgery,
ophthalmology and dentistry.
New services are also desirable. For example, in cardiology 3-d heart models are
used in an operative treatment. This method allows to avoid mitral valve
replacement and mitigate the complication risk four times.

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