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Do You want to go to Belarus?

Romantic meeting or business trip?

But You don't know where to start?

We help You!



Holiday in Minsk

    Our tour "Holiday in Minsk" is good possibility  

    to take a look at the main Minsk attractions. 
    You can see all the beauty of the city, its hisory 
    and architectural monuments and fell its spirit. 

                                                                                Reed more

Originality of Belarus


   Belarus has rich history. And today you can
   enjoy the Middle Ages atmosphere of Belarus.
   Old castles, manors, ruins of some fortresses,
   make your trip to Belarus unforgettable.   


Vitebsk - Chagall's native city

   Marc Chagall is one of the most famous artists
    of his time. Hi liked Vitebsk and depicted it a lot.
    We can help you to see Vitebsk  with the eye of
    Chagall and to get to like this city. 



Cuisine of Belarus

    Many original dishes go back to early times -
    draniki, holodnik, zatirka, babka. The most
    widespread meat dishes are machanka, peasant
    roast. River Fish and forest berries are widely

    used in the belarussian cuisine.





    Clinic in Belarus offers efficient speleotherapy
   programs in natural caves located 420 meters
   under ground. The caves have a unique micro-
   climate where the air is saturated with aerosol
   consisting of natrium, kalium and magnesium
   ions.    The   clinic    offers    treatment for the
   following diseases: bronchial asthma, chronic
   obstructive pulmonary disease, nasal asthma
                                                                 and nasal allergy and other allergic diseases.



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